Who we are

What we do

  • The WG works to promulgate know-how about marine lubrication (including power plant applications) by producing guidelines and recommendations dedicated to deepen our understanding of this important subject.
  • Activity centers for complementing inherent engine design reliability with an adequate periphery regarding the use of appropriate lubricants and fuels.
  • Preparation in subgroups on issues to be discussed and endorsed by the entire Working Group during its meetings.

Our current projects and activities

  • Future fuel scenarios and their impact on lubrication.
  • Interaction between lubricants and emission control measures (e. g. SCR).
  • Update of the CIMAC recommendation on the lubrication of two-stroke crosshead diesel engine (publication currently planned for the end of 2013).

Latest publications

Meeting activities

  • Two meetings are hold each year, each one hosted by one of the members.
  • Typically 20 – 25 members participate at each meeting.