CIMAC is a worldwide non-profit association consisting of National Member Associations and Corporate Members in 26 countries in America, Asia and Europe.

Through CIMAC its members have access to the whole CIMAC network, to people and organisations who have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the large internal combustion engine industry. CIMAC covers diesel and gas engines and gas turbines which are used for power generation, marine propulsion and locomotives. Worldwide members include engine manufacturers, engine users such as shipowners, component suppliers, fuel and lubricant companies, research organisations, classification societies, universities and other interested bodies.

The Mission of CIMAC is to

  • Promote exchange of scientific and technical information via its Congresses and CIMAC Circles,
  • Improve understanding between engine manufacturers and users,
  • Improve understanding between manufacturers and suppliers,
  • Focus upon and promote the work and activities of National Member Associations,
  • Promote exchange on technological developments in a pre-competition state, e.g. in its Working Group meetings,
  • Contribute to internationally applied technological standards and publications, and
  • Collaborate with other International Associations.